Climate Action Network (CAN) statement on Gaza

There is no climate justice without human rights.

Nowhere is safe in Gaza. Rafah is now under attack despite all of the warnings to Israel to not invade, from the UN, its agencies, governments and civil society across the world.  

Since the Israeli invasion of Rafah, hundreds more civilians have been killed, mainly women and children. This brings the total number of Palestinian deaths to over 35,000 so far, while the majority of Gaza’s 2.3 million residents have had to flee their homes.

Palestinians are facing a complete blockade, famine, disease, forced evacuations and destruction of all infrastructure. 

We will not be silent in the face of an unfolding genocide. 

The Climate Action Network (CAN) unequivocally condemns the invasion by Israel and demands an immediate and permanent ceasefire. 

CAN demands that Israel be held accountable for the war crimes it is committing. 

We call on the international community to take urgent and decisive action to ensure that Israel complies with all of the precautionary measures required by the International Court of Justice. 

CAN urges those countries supporting Israel through the supply of arms to comply with international law to prevent genocide. 

CAN therefore insists on an immediate international arms embargo against Israel and we will exert pressure for this. 

CAN asserts again that the end of the Occupation of Palestine in line with UN resolutions is a precondition to ensuring a sustained and long-lasting solution.

CAN, as a network in over 130 countries, joins all those who are standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and calling for justice and peace.


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